Friday, March 23, 2007

Born Digital 2 - Before and After

While I had heard of these technologies before, I had limited hands on experience with them. So Learning 2.0 was a valuable way to both learn about and play with emerging technologies. The coaching was essential to moving quickly from assignment to assignment.

I understand there are additional lessons which we could customize for part 2 of Learning 2.0 at the King Library. Have you considered this?

Finally, many thanks to the entire committee. Great job!

e-Book and audio e-Books

Learning Spanish has never been so easy. I downloaded conversational Latin American Spanish onto my computer hard drive and now even my computer is multilingual! Adios!


The experience of podcasting provides 24/7 mobile access to music. Cool, huh. I wonder if I can find Coleman Hawkins in the 'pod sphere'....

Keyword searching produced by Stanford University....

YouTube or MyTube

My favorite YouTube example comes from the Allen County Public Library website. An IT professional and a librarian discover that they share a common purpose. ... Now how often do you see that in real life?

yours and mine

Some would say that my books are not of interest to most people. But I find them fascinating! The information I glean from them supports my personal and professional growth, as well as informing my scholarly communications.

google online tools

In one of my campus committee assignments, we are using In the strategic planning steering committee, we are using google too. And I have a personal gmail account, which I find very helpful to making connections.

wiki wiki

Wiki wiki, in Hawaiian, means hurry. So imagine my surprise when I discovered the term's wide spread usage as a communication technology. It's popularity - some would say - threatens the traditional scholarly practices of peer reviewed publication. Hmmm ... Something to think about.